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Do you want to be more digitally available ?

Do you believe in the potential of being accessible online ?

Do you need help in making it happen ?

Partners in success

Put your trust in an experienced, well-built team for your digital expansion. Your success is our daily concern.

By creating and developing sophisticated sales and marketing strategies adapted for your needs, we generate your future customers, establish a long-term customer relationship and make your investment worthwhile. 

We can become your outsourced digital team, only a click away. 



A 6-step approach 

The starting point is always a complete assessment of your current situation and of your expectations for the future.

We search for and define the best possible solutions adapted to your goals. Taking into account all of your expectations and needs, we develop your growth strategy. We set up the necessary tools and campaigns with regular optimizing updates through our “Test & Learn” approach. And we don’t stop there ! We make sure to seize every available opportunity along the way to make your business grow.

We can offer you adapted guidance at any stage of your business

Whatever your size, whatever your marketing budget, many different solutions exist to see your online business grow.

You are a start-up? We will help you find your first clients. You’re a small business? We will improve your online availability and help you grow. You are a large and well-established company? We can optimise your marketing budget and explore every local or international growth opportunity.

A win-win remuneration template

We offer a hands-on personalized guidance, based on your goals, adapted to your budget capacity and with no hidden fees.

We have a common goal : growing together in a win-win partnership. We want to see your business thrive, and guide you throughout the whole journey. As you see your return on investment soar, you will (we hope !) come to us for any future needs, or even on a day to day basis. That is the virtuous cercle we aspire to offer you. 

8 skills to help you on your way to success 



Advice & strategy

Assessment, digital strategy advice, business development and project management. 


Growth & acquisition

Creation and optimization of online acquisition campaigns for an optimal ROI. 

Marketing funnels

We design your online marketing funnels to increase your conversion rates.


We optimize your online offer to increase the quantity, the frequency and the size of online purchases.


Content marketing

Editorial strategy, content creation, copywriting.

Retention & e-reputation

We optimize your Customer Journeys to limit your churn rate and increase your Customer Lifetime Value.

Web development

Entrust us with your development projects for the creation of a website or landing pages adapted to your growth strategy. 

CRM and emailing strategy

Send high quality emails and truly connect with your customers to enhance your results. 


Akimore puts your results at the top of its priority list. We are a solid team of professionals who decided to combine our digital skill sets to help every kind of business, small or large, achieve their online marketing goals.


Our skill sets cover the entire conversion funnel

We optimize every stage of your funnel conversion. With our “Test & Learn” approach, forget letting your prospects get away and make your marketing investments profitable. In other words : + leads, + sales, + visits, + commitment.

Invested in online advertising

Online advertising

Programmatic advertising, social networks, paid referencing or even affiliation : we select the best and most relevant channels for your business. If your problem is visibility, we can change that. If your sales are low, we can change that. If you lack new leads, we can change that too. The key to efficient advertising? A regular optimization of your campaigns, an intelligent reading of your data and a well defined target audience. 


Optimization of conversion rates

Are you losing prospects all over the place and having a hard time making your investments profitable? If you let us take the lead, we can transform your online sales. We mix the right technology with proven skills and our will to please to improve you conversion rates. Get in touch to share with us your goals, your current rates, and we’ll find a personalized way to improve your performances.

Created and optimized landings pages

We choose to work with only the best tools and platforms

Transparency and respect of data privacy regulation


Your business’s safety and your customers’ privacy are some of Akimore’s top priorities. We aim to be completely transparent and responsable towards you and your customers: you have access to all the data regarding your business and where it is available with a view towards brand safety.

We are up to date on Swiss legislative context and GDRP, and can guide you in regards to the collection and processing of your data.

So, are you ready to digitalize your business ? Let’s get to know each other ! 

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